Vieroots stands to create ‘Superhumans,’ by enabling people to live a highly productive longer life where they perform at peak levels in all areas of life. At Vieroots we believe that by empowering people to take charge of their health and wellness, they can Biohack and create the best version of themselves.

How do we achieve this?

We provide scientifically proven evidence based tools, products, processes and techniques, which can be used to hack one’s own physiology and psychology so as to live the superhuman life



Personalized Lifestyle Modification using Epigenetic Science. This is done by creating a highly personalized Lifestyle Modification Plan based on a genetic and metabolic assessment using Artificial Intelligence. The highly advanced mobile app EPLIMO becomes your health companion and guide, which in addition to providing the Lifestyle modification, stores different types of health data, connects you with nearby doctors and wellness practitioners, makes your wearables more effective etc.

Patent Pending Well-researched Evidence Based Products

We believe in Precision Nutrition. We have a patent pending formula called ‘Telomerex,’ which we have used in many of our products. This formula created from herbal extracts can slow down the shortening of Telomeres and hence slow down the ageing process. Also we have a range of well researched nootropic supplements (brain performance enhancers) under the brand ‘thoughtbiotics,’ which are uniquely formulated to derive greater quality of life. In addition we have range of functional nutritional products in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant range

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are passionate about wellness and want to create an exciting career or business in the next generation wellness industry. We provide highly sophisticated digital platforms, research based products and unique services, using which you can build a highly rewarding career or highly leveragable business or you can do value addition to your existing wellness business.

What do we offer?

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