Vieroots stands to create ‘Superhumans,’ by enabling people to live a highly productive longer life where they perform at peak levels in all areas of life. At Vieroots we believe that by empowering people to take charge of their health and wellness, they can Biohack and create the best version of themselves.


Vieroots believes in partnership. Trust, Transparency and Transformation are the core values, which Vieroots uphold in identifying and developing partners. Viepartners are wellness evangelists who are passionately driven towards the mission of Vieroots. Vieroots Compensation Plan for Viepartners are highly rewarding.

Vieroots Marketing Plan carries many unique features. You can choose from a two options.


Career Path & Business Path

The Compensation Plan for Career Path rewards Personal Productivity. However in the Business Path, the Business Plan provides rewards for Personal as well as team productivity. Vieroots Compensation Plan provides both active and passive income possibilities.