We have been witnessing Wellness Revolution for the past two decades. Fitness centers, nutritional supplements, organic stores etc have mushroomed all over the world and have become part of normal life. Now the stage is set for Wellness Revolution 2.0.

In the next generation wellness, we will be exposed new things like Biohacking, Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications, Nootropic medicines and supplements, wearable technology, etc

We at Vieroots are at the cutting edge of the next generation wellness.

Our Vision

Vieroots envisions a world where people are empowered to
live long healthy fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own
body and mind by converging science and technology and modern & ancient wellness concepts.

Our Mission

Helping people to ‘Live Longer and Stay Younger’ by providing personalised holistic lifestyle management solutions which
are scientific and evidence based for enhancing the physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial well being of a person.

What We Offer

Personalized Lifestyle Modifications using Geno-Metabolic Analysis

This is our proprietary program. The client undergoes Viegenome test, the most comprehensive wellness genetic test available in India which provides information about 200+ health conditions, including various diseases for which one has high risk. Using our AI powered mobile app, one can undergo a metabolic assessment. Our medical and genetic team combines these two data and come out with a Personalized Lifestyle Modification generated with the support of AI. One can completely modify his/her lifestyle based on this.

Our Precision Functional Wellness Products

We are bringing out superior quality ‘functional wellness products,’ which are matching with our purpose.
We have an array of highly potent nutritional supplements, all of which can be categorized as Functional supplements.

Our focus will be on the following categories:

  • Longevity
  • Peak Performance
  • Mental Wellness

Vieroots Partner Center

We welcome you to this exciting next generation wellness. You can become a Vieroots Partner Center (VPC) and provide value added services to your clients.

  • Your center will be able to generate additional income. We offer a VPCs highly attractive revenue share of 15% to 40% based on the business generation.
  • Your center will be listed in our EPLIMO mobile app and hence will be visible to all our customers. This may enhance the footfalls to your center.
  • Our team will train/educate your employees and also customers about our products and services.
  • Vieroots will declare you as a Partner Center, which will give you better visibility and more customer traffic.
  • You will be a reference center/clinic for Vieroots which also will enhance the footfall to your center.
  • Many other promotional opportunities in future

How to become a VPC

We are not taking any deposits or investments.
However we recommend that a VPC should start with at least two sets of all the products.

Be a Leader in next Gen Wellness

Join the movement to create SUPERHUMANS

For more details you may contact